ABS has pretty much become standard on all makes and models of motorcycles all over the world. While it isn’t mandatory in all countries just yet, manufacturers usually offer at least one ABS variant for all of their models. Indeed, ABS goes a long way in keeping us safe, no matter how advanced our skill level is, as traffic and road conditions aren’t nearly as predictable on the street as they are on the track.

That said, the Malaysian government is considering a proposal mandating that ABS on motorcycles with displacements 150cc and up should be standard. The Minister of Transport, Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong was cited in an article by Malaysian motorcycling publication iMotorbike. He explained that the study for the implementation of the new mandate is currently ongoing, and is being handled by the Malaysian Road Safety Research Institute, also known as MIRO. Wee Ka Siong explained that the study is comprehensive, and involves representatives from the motorcycling public, manufacturing industry, and safety experts.

“With the mandatory installation of ABS later, it is hoped that motorcycle safety will be increased and the probability of death will be further reduced,” Dr. Wee said in the iMotorbike article. According to the ongoing study conducted by MIROS, skidding due to ineffective braking, as well as dropping the bike while attempting to dodge or evade obstacles are among the main causes of motorcycle accidents in Malaysia.

Dr. Wee explained further, “Ineffective braking systems are one of the causes of accidents. Thus, the use of a better and more effective braking system is highly recommended and encouraged in our search for solutions to end motorcycle accidents.”

2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000GT+ - Brakes

Additionally, the current study suggests that the use of ABS on motorcycles could reduce accidents and fatalities by up to 30 percent. Taking all that into consideration, improving the safety of motorcycles through better tech, especially in a country that is so dependent on lightweight two-wheelers for the mobility of its citizenry is undoubtedly a logical move. While complaints of more expensive motorcycles due to the inclusion of ABS will be inevitable, should this be implemented, it’s worth noting that ABS has become a ubiquitous feature among big and small motorbikes, and is now more affordable than ever before.

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