A pair of motocross boots is an essential for those who ride their dual-sport or enduro machines off-road. Given how robust these boots tend to be, as well as how much protection they offer, they tend to be extremely expensive, difficult to wear, and rather uncomfortable. Interestingly, 24MX, a European brand specializing in off-road equipment, has an entry-level offering in the form of the Raven Trooper that won't break the bank. 

The 24MX brand has gained popularity in Italy and other parts of Europe thanks to its affordable pricing. It was, however, previously criticized for its sometimes inconsistent quality, especially when compared to other brands. These days, though, its quality seems to have improved, making it an even more attractive option for younger, beginner riders looking to get a taste of the off-road experience.

The 24MX Raven Trooper boots, being an affordable, entry-level option, will inevitably miss out on some of the fancier protective and comfort features of its premium rivals, so do keep that in mind should you decide to use these kicks for some hard off-road riding. They are, however, equipped with the bare essentials that you'd expect to find in an entry-level MX boot. For starters, it gets an iron toe cap for when you bash your feet against tree stumps, rocks, and other obstacles. A stitched sole ensures utmost durability, while double layer ankle protection keeps you safe from impact and twisting forces. 

The 24MX Raven Trooper boots' service life can be extended, as spare parts which get damaged on the trail can be replaced. This is indeed a nice feature that isn't commonly found on budget-oriented riding gear. The Raven Trooper is also lightweight, easy to wear, and relatively comfortable, thanks to its quick-release buckle system on the tibia.  

Gear Specialist 24MX Introduces Raven Trooper MX Boots

As for styling, the Raven Trooper is very sober, and would match any type of ADV, enduro, or dual-sport machine. Its black finish with gray accents gives it a premium aesthetic, too. At present, 24MX is offering a promotion on the Raven Trooper, as well as its other pieces of gear. Available at a huge discount, you could get yourself a jersey, riding pants, helmet, and the Raven Trooper boots for just 189.99 Euros ($198 USD) all-in. 

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