Dressing up for the ride is definitely one of the many things that makes motorcycling so much fun. Of course, nothing beats looking good and feeling good aboard your trusty two-wheeler, and this is true across all disciplines of motorcycling. In the retro-style segment consisting of scramblers, cafe-racers, and vintage enduros, however, fashion takes a step forward, and is an integral part of the whole hipster lifestyle. 

Retro-style gear has advanced quite a lot in recent times, with manufacturers producing gear that's stylish, comfy, and protective. One such brand is Spirit Motors, with its newest offering, the Charming Chase textile jacket. The new jacket presents itself as a solid alternative to retro-style leather jackets which, especially now that the weather's warming up, can be too hot, heavy, and uncomfortable. In terms of styling, the Charming Chase jacket is applicable to a wide selection of riders—cafe racer hipsters, scrambler fans, and even everyday heroes, can benefit from what this stylish, no-frills jacket has to offer. 

Spirit Motors Introduces New Charming Chase Textile Jacket
Spirit Motors Introduces New Charming Chase Textile Jacket

The Charming Chase jacket is made out of pure cotton, and features elastic cuffs keeping them snug on your wrists. The seams of the jacket are reinforced to provide a bit ore durability, while the inner lining is made of a polyester-cotton mix. Basic safety tech consists of a pocket for a standard back protector, as well as level 1 protectors on the shoulders and elbows. It's important to note that this jacket is a lighter-duty jacket ideal for use around town or in the city and isn't abrasion resistant. That said, you may want to wear a different jacket on longer, more spirited rides.

The Spirit Motors Charming Chase jacket is outfitted with a total of six pockets for your commuting convenience—four on the outside, and two on the inside. Furthermore, ventilation zippers up front offer you the ability to let even more air in, for when temps get a little too high for comfort. A connecting zipper at the bottom of the jacket means you can match the jacket with a pair of compatible riding jeans, as well. As for pricing and availability, the jacket is offered in sizes ranging from M and 3XL, and comes in one dark beige/ green color. It retails for 189.99 Euros, translating to around $198 USD, on Polo Motorrad's e-commerce platform.

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