Akata, a tech company with a significant presence in several African countries, has expanded its electric mobility activities in South Africa by releasing the popular Blitz 3000X electric scooter. In the face of rising gasoline prices, the firm recently announced the successful homologation and formal debut of the 3000X, a popular scooter by Israeli startup Blitz.

Akata has finally announced the homologation of one of the first full-size electric scooters in South Africa, after months of intensive research and development. The Blitz 3000X conforms with all local legislation regarding the use of electric scooters on public roads and is fully compliant with the South African Road Traffic Act. Users can be certain that the scooter is safe to use. As a result, Akata can distribute the Blitz 3000X to customers just like any other conventional motorbike.

BLITZ Seeks To Innovate Last Mile Delivery With The 3000X

Blitz scooters have already established themselves in the European fast-food delivery sector, demonstrating that they are viable alternatives to scooters powered by internal combustion engines. The Blitz 3000X now gives parcel delivery companies and individual commuters access to a clever, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective electric vehicle. Swapable battery technology is one of the Blitz 3000X's most appealing features, making it exceptionally easy and convenient for users to stay on the road without interruption.

The Blitz 3000X's battery can be replaced in under 30 seconds because because of its simple accessibility underneath the seat. The newest generation of lithium-ion NMC batteries provide outstanding range with 1,500Wh of energy and a weight of under 7 kilograms. They also include LED touch indicator lights that show the battery level. Built with the latest BMS technology for quick and easy recharging, the 3000X can house two batteries at once and charge them from zero to full in less than two hours.

The Blitz 3000X, in particular, has a range of up to 200 kilometers (125 miles) on a single charge, assuming you ride it sensibly at 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour). When you switch to sport mode, the range lowers somewhat to roughly 120 kilometers (75 miles), but in exchange, offers a higher top speed of 90 kilometers per hour (56 miles per hour).

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