BLITZ, an electric mobility startup based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, has been working hard towards the mainstream adoption of electric scooters in the last-mile delivery industry. Having made quite a name for itself via partnerships with household name brands such as McDonalds, Domino’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut, BLITZ claims that it has driven over 20 million kilometers for both private and public consumers.

With BLITZ’s cutting-edge technology which results in impressive mileage via high capacity, easily swappable batteries, the company claims that it saves business owners and delivery riders up to 95 percent of their energy expenses. The company’s newest innovation comes to us in the form of the BLITZ 3000X, and it's expected to infiltrate the European market very soon. Equipped with an a storage compartment that can house up to three batteries, the 3000X promises a range of up to 200 kilometers—that’s an impressive 124 miles.

BLITZ Seeks To Innovate Last Mile Delivery With The 3000X

The scooter can be configured in two modes—L1, which allows for a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour); and L3, which lets you zoom through the city at 90 kilometers per hour (56 miles per hour). To make things even better, the BLITZ 3000X comes standard with a portable Phoenix Fast Double Charger, two Pelican batteries (an additional battery can be purchased as an option), a mobile phone holder, and a top case. All these features make the BLITZ 3000X equipped for delivery duties right out of the box.

To further inspire confidence, particularly with professional clients, BLITZ is offering a full-service solution complete with 24/7 customer support, as well as telemetric data analysis, and maintenance of the electric scooter fleet. The BLITZ 3000X comes with built-in touch indication LED lights in the dashboard to track current battery life. BLITZ claims that with the built in fast-charger, the user can charge the electric scooter from fully depleted to 100-percent in less than two hours.

With more and more electric scooters popping up from manufacturers all over the world, it really won’t be a surprise if, in a matter of a few years, the lightweight urban personal mobility segment, as well as the last-mile delivery service industry will be dominated by electric scooters.

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