Hey, Australian riders! Are you looking to get a great kid in your family into riding? If you are, then Sherco Australia may have just what you’re looking for. From May through July, 2022, Sherco Australia will throw in a free spare battery if you buy any of its electric childrens’ balance bikes. Considering that a spare battery usually costs AU $209 (about US $148) on its own, that’s a pretty nice deal! 

The battery is a 5.2Ah unit, capable of giving around 60 minutes of additional ride time for your little rider while the unit that came with the bike is charging, per Sherco—which is why they’re calling this promotion “Endless Fun.” Just keep cycling through freshly-charged batteries and your kid can theoretically keep riding all day long! 

Which Sherco balance bike models does this promotion apply to? Any purchase of an EB12, EB16, or EB16 Factory during the promotional window at Australian Sherco dealers will score you that sweet bonus battery. The EB12 comes with a 100W motor and a 2.6Ah lithium-ion battery, while the EB16 comes with a 170W motor and the larger 5.2Ah battery. Up at the top of the range, the EB16 sports a 250W motor and that 5.2Ah battery. The Factory also boasts a higher top speed of 24 kilometers per hour (just under 15 mph) versus the regular EB16’s 21 km/h (or 13 mph).  

This trio of Sherco electric balance bikes is intended for children weighing up to 40 kilograms (approximately 88 pounds). Each bike comes with a height-adjustable saddle, power modes, a fully enclosed chain cover, twist-and-go throttle grip, and a 240V household charger. The EB16 Factory comes with a slightly different paint scheme and decals as compared to the other models, so it’s up to you and maybe the kiddo who’ll be riding it to decide what looks best. 

All Sherco Australia dealers are participating in the Endless Fun promotion, which started on May 2, 2022 and runs through July 31, 2022. Dealers are conveniently located throughout the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, and New Zealand. If you’ve been thinking about getting your hands on one of these bikes, now’s the time. 

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