Fabio Quartararo became the first premier class Grand Prix champion when he secured the 2021 MotoGP rider’s title. Though El Diablo now resides in Spain, the Yamaha Factory rider is still a major inspiration for young French boys and girls. To help more aspiring riders reach their goals, France’s Carole Circuit is opening the track to children as young as six years old with the new Circuit Carole for Kids program.

Scheduled between April-October, 2022, the introductory school will offer several tiers for various skill levels and ages. Those new to two wheels will need to participate in the Initiation course before progressing to more advanced courses. Riders from ages six to nine can attend the 2-hour introductory track session and seven- to 14-year-olds are eligible for the half-day program.

Both Initiation options include a motorbike and equipment rental so parents don’t have to dish out the dough before knowing if their child takes to two wheels. Remaining budget-conscious, Circuit Carole for Kids’ 2-hour course only costs €59 ($62 USD) while the half-day version bumps the price up to €119 ($125 USD).

Once the petit proteges progress past the introductory course, they can attend one of the Performance formulas. Restricted to seven- to 14-year-old riders, each Performance category includes a full-day or half-day option. Riders can also opt to bring their own bike and gear for a reduced package price. The half-day option without rentals retails for €79 ($83 USD) and the full-day version goes up to €149 ($156 USD). Tacking equipment loans onto the package results in a €159 ($167 USD) price tag for the half-day and €289 ($303 USD) for the full-day.

Those looking for even more time on track can spring for the Annual pass, which allows pass-holders to access the Carole Circuit for 18 days (of their choosing) throughout the year. If parents need even more reassurance, Suzuki MotoGP test rider Silvain Guintolli, French Supersport champion Cedric Tangre, and French Superbike Yamaha rider Axel Maurin will serve as Circuit Carole for Kids coaches. With that kind of instruction, we hope the Circuit Carole program helps the next French MotoGP champion get their start.

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