These days, tons of new innovations in the world of electric mobility have been sprinting up from our neighbors in Asia—particularly in India and China. Back then, these two countries, the latter, in particular, had gained quite a bit of notoriety for their questionable build quality and reliability. These days, however, some of the world’s biggest names such as KTM, BMW, Land Rover, and Jaguar, have strategically joined forces with companies from these Asian countries.

Needless to say, these partnerships have enabled once-fledgling brands to drastically level-up their game when it comes to design, manufacturing, and quality control practices. It’s no surprise, then, that startups from Asia are blazing a trail in the rapidly growing EV segment. One such brand comes in the form of VFLY, a fledgling Chinese mobility company with a thoroughly premium look and feel. The brand had recently just unveiled its first creation, the N100 MAX electric scooter, and it’s clear to see that this thing isn’t just some knock-off e-scoot.

You see, VFLY has teamed up with no less than Porsche Design to come up with the N100 MAX’s striking aesthetics. The scooter is sleek, sharp, and looks like something you’d see in the futuristic cities of tomorrow. It boasts tons of technology, too, making the perfect gadget/ mobility device for today’s on-the-go, ultra-connected generation. Yes, everything you’re seeing here is still in the conceptual phase, and all the images are merely renderings. However, with a name as prestigious as Porsche on board, you can almost be sure that something’s going to come out of this.

For starters, the N100 MAX is clearly very minimalist, and adopts a clean aesthetic, similar in concept to what BMW has achieved with the CE-04 electric scooter, which has now made it to production. The N100 MAX, however, is a lot smaller, and more attuned to in-city riding and commuting duties. It gets a sharp front fascia with a simple LED headlight. An LED DRL strip integrates into the scooter’s bodywork giving it an even more futuristic aesthetic.

Perhaps this scooter's strongest suit comes in the form of tech. VFLY claims that the N100 MAX will be loaded with all the latest technology such as a full-color touch screen display. Through the display—which is essentially a tablet—the rider will be able to access built-in functions such as navigation, music, phone calls, and SMS notifications. VFLY even goes as far as claiming that the system will be powered by an AI-enabled assistant capable of voice recognition.

Chinese Electric Mobility Startup VFLY Unveils N100 MAX Scooter

The VFLY N100 MAX’s smart key system is next-gen, too. According to the company, users will be able to access the scooter via their smartphones. Should you wish to lend your scooter to a friend or family member, you can even create temporary keys and send them to your friend’s mobile device and grant them access to the scooter. Furthermore, the scooter’s system can be integrated with Siri, allowing you to access all of its vital information with a simple voice command. A smartwatch or NFC card can also be used to access the scooter.

Of course, this being an electric scooter, apart from being a fancy IoT gadget, means that it’s got to have a way of getting you from point A to B. Luckily, VFLY seems to have that figured out, as well. The N100 MAX will come with an electric motor capable of producing 65 Nm of torque—that’s around 48 ft-lbs of torque. While that may sound like quite a lot for a diminutive electric scooter, we’re all aware of how murky these claimed torque figures can be, especially in the world of EVs. That said, expect the N100 MAX to deliver similar performance to that of a 125cc scooter or moped.

The scoot sips power from a 48V 25Ah lithium battery. VFLY has yet to release claimed range figures, as well as whether or not the scooter will be equipped with riding modes. Chances are, though, we’ll see a few riding modes thrown into the mix, and range should be anywhere from 60 to 80 miles on a single charge to make it worth considering against the plethora of other electric scooters in the market. VFLY has yet to announce the pricing or exact go-to-market date for this scooter, so for now, it’s strictly just a cool, concept machine.

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