Leather jackets, whether or not you’re into motorcycles, will never go out of style. There’s just something about the super sleek and smooth aesthetic of a beautifully crafted leather jacket that just oozes style and refinement. In the motorcycling world, leather jackets are commonplace, and vary immensely in style. Nearly all gear manufacturers have at least one leather jacket in their arsenal, with most of these catering to the retro/classic crowd.

French gear manufacturer Segura, for one, has launched a new leather jacket called the Funky Speed. On the outside, this jacket looks like a clean and sober fashion piece which thoroughly accentuates the retro, cafe-racer lifestyle. On the inside, however, it lets its true colors shine just a bit brighter. The jacket’s inner liner is adorned with an artsy Glory of Speed design—something that won’t be seen when the jacket is worn. In many ways, the Funky Speed jacket is representative of today’s culture, where a lot of us are led to conceal our true colors beneath a more socially-accepted facade. 

Segura Releases Funky Speed Retro-Style Leather Jacket

Woah, before I get ahead of myself and turn this story into a sociology discussion, let’s talk more about the jacket. Segura has equipped the Funky Speed with protective features that aren’t at all funky. For starters, we find that the jacket is AAA certified thanks too Omega protectors on the shoulders and elbows. The jacket itself is made out of plush yet durable buffalo leather, and a removable thermal lining is thrown in the package for days when the temps drop. A comfort collar made out of neoprene keeps the jacket nice and comfy around your neck, too, preventing the discomfort of chafing, especially at higher speeds. 

As for convenience amenities, the Funky Speed jacket comes with numerous pockets for you to store your valuables in. It features a slim cut and padded shoulders which give the wearer a rather flattering physique. It’s sold only in one color way—black with white stripes, and is available for 449.99 Euros, or the equivalent of around $486 USD. Meanwhile, a womens’ version is available, too, with the same styling and protective features, for 439.99 Euros, or the sum of $475 USD. Pricing may vary depending on where in the world you ship to. 

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