Alpinestars is considered by many as one of the pioneers of the motorcycling gear and equipment business. With decades of experience and products catering to all disciplines of two-wheelers—bicycles included, Alpinestars has become a household name for anyone with a passion for two wheels. That said, the brand continues innovating to address the ever-changing needs of its customers.

Alpinestars’ newest product comes in the form of a simple, no-frills waterproof backpack. Meant to serve as an all-purpose backpack no matter the weather, the bag boasts a versatile 23 liters of storage and taped seams to ensure maximum waterproofing no matter how hard the weather is. Should you happen to find yourself in the extremely unfortunate situation of having your motorcycle fall off a boat and into a river with you on it, at least you can breathe easy (somewhat) knowing that your precious cargo is safe and dry.

Kidding aside, apart from waterproofing, the Alpinestars backpack gets a fully padded inside pocket keeping your valuables such as your laptop and camera nice and comfy, and protected from the constant rattles and vibrations which accompany riding a motorcycle. An adjustable harness ensures a perfect fit, too, while a chest strap allows you to engage in some spirited riding while wearing the bag.

From a styling perspective, the Alpinestars waterproof backpack is sober in the best possible way. Its all-black color scheme makes it perfectly suitable for all sorts of motorbikes, while its roll-up flap closure system gives it an urban-chic aesthetic which exudes a fashionable and adventurous character. What’s even better is that the backpack has the option of being fastened to the motorcycle’s back seat thanks to a built-in harness.

When it comes to pricing and availability, the Alpinestars waterproof backpack retails for a fairly affordable 134.95 Euros, which translates to the equivalent of $146 USD. As an all-around backpack that’s ideal for in-city use or the occasional out of town day trip, this simple yet effective innovation from Alpinestars looks pretty hard to beat.

Alpinestars Introduces No-Frills Waterproof Backpack
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