As much as Honda is known for its mid to large cc machines for both street and track use, it’s also known for its approachable and fun-loving models. Bikes like the Honda Grom and Trail 125 have gone a long way in shaping the motorcycle scene all over the world, and are true testaments to the notion that one need not have gobs of power to have a blast on two wheels. Meanwhile, bikes like the CRF continue to make off-road riding enjoyable to all.

Now, Honda has made some notable updates to its street bike lineup recently, most notable of which would be the much-needed redesign of the CB500 range. This time ‘round, Honda has refreshed its little bike lineup consisting of the 2023 Honda Grom, 2023 Honda Ruckus, 2022 Trail 125, and 2022 Honda CRF300 range of bikes. Read on ‘til the end, and you’ll see that Honda has left us with a not-so-little surprise, too.

2023 Honda Grom

2023 Honda Grom

Starting things off with the Grom, the new bike retains all the things we’ve come to love about it. The Grom was never meant to be taken seriously. It was developed with fun and enjoyment in mind. Its low seat and approachable, diminutive stance, make it an extremely easy motorcycle to ride—be it for a quick commute to school or work, or in an empty parking lot or go kart circuit. For the 2023 model-year, Honda is offering the grom in two variants—a non-ABS version for $3,499, and an ABS version for $3,799. Colors to choose from consist of Matte Black Metallic, Cherry Red, Force Silver Metallic, and Pearl White (exclusive to the ABS version).

2023 Honda Ruckus

2023 Honda Ruckus

The Honda Ruckus gets its own set of updates, too. The little scooter is chock full of character and modern, urban-chic style. The Ruckus was Honda’s answer to the growing custom scooter subculture, and features striking design elements you wouldn’t normally expect to find on a scooter. For instance, it gets an exposed frame, round headlights, and an overall industrial style. For the 2023 model-year, it’s available in either White/Metallic Blue, Gray, and Metallic Blue/Tan, and retails for an affordable $2,899.

2022 Trail 125

2022 Honda Trail 125

No manufacturer comes close to Honda when it comes to enjoyable and approachable miniMOTO models, and the Trail 125 is an excellent demonstration of one such machine. The model bears resemblance to a golden period of motorcycling when bikes like the Monkey and Super Cub were all the rage. The Trail 125 boasts a number of robust enhancements over the metropolitan Super Cub on which it is developed, making it perfect for casual on- and off-road trekking. For $3,999, the 2022 model is offered in vivid Glowing Red.

2022 CRF300L and CRF300L Rally

2022 Honda CRF300L
2022 Honda CRF300L Rally

The CRF300L is the motorcycle industry's most popular dual-sport model, with powerful power, low weight, and great on- and off-road performance. The model is offered in regular and ABS versions, both of which are ready to give low-cost transportation and true dual-sport fun. It boasts a broad powerband, predictable handling, and aesthetic elements that are carried over from Honda's CRF Performance range. The highly capable off-road vehicle costs $5,349 for the regular model and $5,649 for the ABS version.

Meanwhile, the new CRF300L Rally takes things to the next level. The CRF300L Rally is a comfort-focused upgrade to the basic CRF300L that includes hand guards, additional fuel capacity, full bodywork, and a frame-mounted windscreen. It recalls memories of the Dakar Rally while combining practicality and value. The Rally variant is more ideal for long-distance adventures than its normal sister, but it's also a fantastic commuter. The Rally is priced at $6,399 with ABS and $6,099. It is also available without ABS for $6,099.

2022 XR650L

2022 Honda XR650L

We’ve saved the best for last, and that’s the 2022 Honda XR650L. Regardless of how archaic and outdated this bike appears, it lives on thanks to you folks who have come to adore it over the years. Despite its age, it is incredibly adaptable, providing excitement on single-track trails, dirt roads, and backroads while still providing reliable city transit. The inevitable result of those features, combined with a proud Baja legacy, is a devoted following of riders, who will be glad to learn that the model has been given a style refresh for 2022. It costs $6,999 and is available in white.

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