Did you know that it’s braking specialist Galfer’s 70th anniversary this year? In 2022, the company focuses on motorcycle and bicycle products. However, back in November, 1952, founder Maffio Milesi laid the Galfer groundwork by manufacturing flexible brake linings of his own invention for the Fiat group in Barcelona, Spain. As Fiat’s SEAT automobile brand grew in Spain, so did Galfer—and the braking company started to branch out into two-wheeled applications. 

That history isn’t what this video is about, though—and while we do love history here at RideApart, it’s also fun when a company takes a different turn on its anniversary. Rather than stick to a timeline, the creative team behind this Galfer video decided to do some visual storytelling with modern Galfer braking applications instead. 

The video starts out with freestyle motocross rider Edgar Torronteras parking his truck out in front of Galfer HQ, then walking into the building. We see him measuring something on a brake disc with a micrometer, then neatly tucking something glowing into a cardboard box. He tapes it up, and then suddenly he’s all geared up for his bike, seemingly to do a delivery of what he’s just packed in the box at the factory.  

He stashes it in his backpack, then mounts up and takes off. Naturally, he finds himself at a motocross park with plenty of ramps, and soon he’s showing us his airmail delivery skills. Soon enough, we realize that this box delivery is a relay, as Torronteras tosses the box to freestyle bicyclist Bienvenido Aguado. He, of course, stuffs it into his backpack, then promptly takes off on his leg of the delivery mission before tossing the entire backpack to Evan Bros Yamaha racer Lorenzo Baldassari, who’s waiting patiently at Motorland Aragon.  

Package delivery is serious business—so serious, in fact, that Baldassari is dragging knee while speeding that precious cargo around the track on his back. Still, we have to hope it’s packed securely, because he just yanks it out of his backpack and tosses it high up in the air once he gets off the bike. 

It flies through the air before landing directly in e-bike rider Marco Aurelio Fontana’s conveniently open backpack, where he smoothly and swiftly escorts it through his local forest trails. Galfer brake discs glint in the sun as he does wheelies, like we’re sure most delivery riders do. Clearly, Fontana has quite an arm on him, as he tosses the box up in the air and it makes it all the way to some mountains, landing in Kirian Mirabet’s open Africa Twin pannier—where it promptly unbalances the bike. Oh no! 

The thing about an adventure bike is, it’s made for thrashing. Mirabet just picks it back up and gets going, showing off his skills on some thrilling mountain roads. He pulls up parallel to the edge of a cliff, and then tosses that box right over, where it bonks enduro rider Marco Roman in the helmet while he’s out for a bicycle ride.  

Roman then gears up to get on his enduro bike for more serious delivery business. Into the backpack the box goes, ready to scale any and every wall in Roman’s way. Where you or I might see obstacles, Roman sees climbing opportunities—which, you know, is a good quality to have when your package absolutely needs to get to its next destination.  

Several cool shots later, he ties the box to some golden balloons that quickly whisk it aloft, into an extremely blue and sunny sky. Soon enough, it lands in a stroller next to multiple motocross world champion Kiara Fontanesi, who is busy washing her bike. She’s apparently the intended recipient, and she opens up the box to reveal Galfer’s 70th anniversary special badge inside. Happy anniversary, Galfer, and keep making rad rides possible. 

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