Spanish rider Kirian Mirabet Vidiella is an emerging talent in the FIM Enduro World Championship and the Spanish Enduro Championship. Mirabet Vidiella already has several junior class championships under his belt, but with the Honda rider competing in the big leagues the last few years, he needs every competitive advantage he can get.

In 2020, the Catalan rider finished 26th in the FIM EnduroGP, but his 2021 Spanish Enduro Championship results were much more promising. While Mirabet Vidiella may blast through rock gardens, hop between boulders, and conquer loose terrain on his Honda CRF250RX race rig, there are two conditions that most enduro riders don’t encounter—snow and ice.

With the 2022 Spanish Enduro Championship kicking off on April, 2-3, 2022, Team Red’s main protagonist is taking his training seriously. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun, and Mirabet Vidiella does just that with his latest trip to Sweden. After a stop by the CAKE factory to pick up an Osa utility scooter, the team stops by Lasses Rally Services for specially-equipped ice tires.

With the spiky rubber spooned onto his Honda Africa Twin, the Spanish rider wastes little time before sending snow flying from the rear wheel and lofting the front wheel into the air. Mirabet Vidiella’s impressive maneuvers and bike control may steal the show, but his fearless ice riding certainly deserves some applause as well.

At one point, the Honda rider pushes the Africa Twin up to 171 kph (106 mph). That feat already requires some steely nerves, but Mirabet Vidiella carries that momentum into a hairpin turn. Similar to flat tracking, the Spanish rider drifts through the majority of the bend before standing the bike up and firing onto the straight.

Riding a Honda Africa Twin on ice is clearly different than romping through the woods on a CRF250RX, but Mirabet Vidiella’s throttle control and traction detection should definitely benefit from the exercise. There may not be ice and snow in the Spanish Enduro Championship, but we can’t wait to see number 38 apply his new riding skills to use in the 2022 season.

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