Last-mile delivery services typically cavort around on a city playground. This is especially true currently, when people's habits have shifted as a result of recent global lockdowns. Scooters have never been more popular, and when you combine that with a growing concern of environmental preservation, electric scooters are an unavoidable common denominator.

Having said that, Barq, a Dubai-based e-mobility business, has created the Rena Max, a revolutionary electric scooter designed specifically for this purpose. It uses a lithium-ion battery to power a 9 kW electric motor. With a capacity of 5.6 kWh, it provides enough power for a range of up to 94 miles before needing to be recharged. Furthermore, the battery can be easily removed and replaced with a fully charged battery. Swapping out the battery barely takes a few minutes—similar to refueling a standard scooter. The Rena Max claims a top speed of 60 miles per hour, meaning it's more than capable of traversing city streets at speed.

A full-color TFT screen in the scooter's cockpit displays all of the pertinent riding data. There's also an eight-inch tablet there that's specifically for delivery use and doubles as a navigation screen. Mobile devices, of course, can be connected via Bluetooth. Smartphones and other electronic devices can be charged via a USB port in the cockpit. Goods and food are transported in a 79-liter top case, which may be purchased separately and is connected to the scooter's internal locking mechanism. Additionally, a 9-liter cooler is located in front of the driver, as well as a 5-liter storage box integrated into the frame.

Dubai-Based Mobility Startup Barq Unveils Rena Max Electric Scooter

Ian Callum, who has also worked on the designs of numerous Jaguar cars, came up with the design for the Rena Max. The blocky base body is the focal point, holding the back wheel on a single-sided swingarm. A spring strut linked to the side of the frame supports it. At the front, a fully coated telescopic fork handles suspension duties. The cockpit consists of a flat handlebar integrated into the bike's center console, and the saddle is a flat, one-piece unit designed for maximum comfort.

As for lighting, the scooter boasts full-LED lights all around, ensuring operability anytime. The top case rests directly behind the driver, with the driver's feet resting on running boards. Rena Max production is expected to begin in Dubai towards the tail end of 2022. Barq looks to produce 50,000 units of the Rena Max, and deliver them to businesses and individuals around the Arab world by 2025. Furthermore, Barq intends to adopt a leasing model for the scooter, sending the scooter to customers on a subscription basis.

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