Energica’s time as the sole supplier to the MotoE World Cup may have started with a catastrophic paddock fire, but the exclusive partnership also bore fruit for the Italian firm. Thanks to data collected on the circuit and partnerships with Mavel and Reinova, Energica’s street fleet is more advanced than ever. The brand not only developed its tech during that period but also expanded its dealership network and customer base.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and Energica’s run in the single-make race series will draw to a close following the 2022 season. The company isn’t letting all the knowledge go to waste, though. By establishing Energica Inside, a business arm dedicated to partnering with manufacturers and startups, the brand aims to speed up electrification transitions and reduce time to market.

“Over ten years of pioneering experience are our best business card for companies asking for concrete help in tackling the transition to electric,” claimed Energica Inside general manager Carlo Iacovini. “Energica faced these challenges a long time ago, from product design, engineering, to prototyping, from production and scalability to sales. We have decided to make our know-how available also to other markets.”

Energica is no stranger to strategic alliances either. The brand previously partnered with Dell’Orto and Reinova for the E-Power and CEMP projects. The collaboration began on the MotoE track, where Dell’Orto leveraged data collected from the Energica Ego Corsa race bikes. The team then devised an electric propulsion system suitable for urban mobility ranging from 2.5kW to 15kW (equivalent to 50cc to 125cc).

However, Energica hasn’t restricted its resources to the tarmac. A collaboration with Italian startup Sealence adapted Energica’s technology for use on the high seas. Deemed the DeepSpeed project, the two firm’s jointly developed a solar-hydrogen-electric system to power yachts. With many mobility sectors transitioning to electric in the coming years, Energica is positioning itself as a leader in the industry. The manufacturer may have conceded its spot in the MotoE championship to Ducati, but it intends to make its mark on the broader electric mobility market.

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