Energica capped off a record-setting 2021 by announcing its 2022 lineup. The Ego, Eva Ribelle, EsseEsse9 return in the new year, but the electric motorcycles sport new equipment and paint jobs.

Each model receives the firm’s new EMCE motor. Developed with Italian electric motor specialists Mavel, the new powerplant features fewer magnets for reduced weight, increased energy efficiency. Using fewer magnets also decreases production costs and Energica’s environmental impact. The new design not only minimizes energy loss but maximizes performance potential.

The new unit drops 22 pounds but maintains the same dimensions as its predecessor for easy retrofitting. The motor’s lighter rotor also increases acceleration and braking power. Engineers fine-tuned the power delivery to optimize drive, but the EMCE’s sensors continually collect operational data to help maintain peak performance.

2022 Energica Models - Apex
2022 Energica Models - Line

Liquid-cooling keeps the new motor operating in the toughest conditions while Energica reports that the lithium-ion polymer battery results in 5-10 percent more range. The new equipment bumps peak power from 145 horsepower to 169 ponies. However, the maximum torque remains at 158.6 lb-ft. Paired with Energica’s latest battery, the EMCE nets 260 miles in the city, 153 miles in mixed conditions, and 123 miles on the highway.

Aside from the changes under the hood, the EsseEsse9 receives a two-tone saddle while the Ego and Eva Ribelle gain new graphics. The Ego now comes in Metal Black, Rosso Corsa, and Stealth Gray liveries. The Eva Ribelle is available in Riviera Green and Bormio Ice while the EsseEsse9 gets a new Sunrise Red colorway. Energica hasn’t announced availability or pricing yet, but the improved 2022 models should help the electric motorcycle brand follow up its record-setting 2021.

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