The war in Eastern Europe continues, but Suzuki Italia is making its move to help Ukrainian refugees through a sizeable donation through Unicef. While Russia and Ukraine are still fighting and war that is displacing many Ukrainian citizens throughout the country, many companies and firms are going on the “offensive” to help out the Ukrainian population via indirect methods.

Such is the case with Yamaha and its effort to halt exports from Japan to Russia, and so it also is with MV Agusta and the Saradarov brothers’ statement on their home country’s decision to go to war on the Eastern European front. Other companies, still, are also pulling out of Russia such as Michelin. Whether it’s due to the chaos in the region or to take a stand, it’s clear that there are people suffering and that the war is unjustified in the eyes of plenty of firms and people. The companies mentioned are just one of many that have taken steps to stand against the war. 

A fundraising campaign was set up by the Hamamatsu Group with a grand target of one million Euros. Suzuki Italia has also decided to donate €100,000 EUR, or about $110,000 USD, to Unicef in order to help provide water, blankets, basic medical care, personal hygiene kits, and psycho-social assistance to the war-torn nation of Ukraine. 

Furthermore, the firm will also hold a fundraiser among its ranks, and whatever amount its employees and partners will be able to raise, Suzuki has pledged to double the amount that it can gather for Ukrainian refugees. The donation will be used to rent apartments for refugees, as well as provide transport for families that wish to leave the county in the interest of safety and to get as far away from the war as possible.

Employees from Suzuki Italia have also expressed their willingness to help their fellow colleagues in Suzuki Ukraine by providing a home for them while war rages on.

Suzuki has also pledged to stop shipments of motorcycles and cars into Russia prior to this news. The Japanese brand is one among many others that have vowed to suspend Russian operations while the war rages on.

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