There’s always a story behind the things around us. This is especially true in our world of motorcycles. Two-wheelers serving as symbolic adaptations of other things is nothing new, however, the stories as to why things are the way they are never cease to amaze. One brand with no shortage of a colorful history is Moto Guzzi, a boutique Italian manufacturer known for its transverse-mounted V-twin engines.

The Italian company celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2021. Indeed, 100 years of existence is no mean feat, and it was clear to see that Guzzi really wanted to celebrate. However, we all know how 2021 was kind of just like 2020 in many ways, so outright celebrations weren’t entirely possible. Instead, Moto Guzzi released swanky special editions, as well as pulled the covers of the V100 Mandello. Now, in 2022, the company continues celebrations as restrictions gradually ease. The official Centennial Anniversary party is set to happen from May 13 to 15 in the Giorgio Parodi days.

On top of that, a special book that tells us all about the history of the esteemed branch has been released. It’s called “The Wings of The Eagle, Giorgio Parodi, Geneose, Aviator, Entrepreneur,” and it revolves around the man who propelled Moto Guzzi to greatness, as well as all the others who helped him out. For instance, it highlights Parodi’s partnership with Carlo Guzzi, described as the “technical branch” of the partnership. Parodi was largely responsible for the business side of Moto Guzzi.

2022 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello - Open Road

It took a total of two years of historical research, as well as accounts from several authors to create this book. It tells the history of the family which consisted of a lineage of entrepreneurs all the way back to 1875. The book highlights the generations of the Parodi family, as well as the multiple industries it was engaged in prior to getting into motorcycles. The story starts with Angelo, Giorgio’s grandfather, who opened a fish shop selling tuna, and gradually worked his way up to become a ship owner and fish industrialist with processing facilities across the globe.

Even aviation fans will find the book entertaining, as Giorgio Parodi was a flying enthusiast, and decorated pilot having fought in East Africa and Europe. He attained four medals of valor in the process. It was during his stint in aviation that he met Carlo Guzzi, a mechanic who worked on airplanes. The two would later go on to build one of the most recognizable Italian brands in motorcycling.

“The Wings of The Eagle, Giorgio Parodi, Geneose, Aviator, Entrepreneur” not only talks about Moto Guzzi’s history long before it’s inception, but also the inspirations as to what the brand was to become, and the lives that it would touch in the process. It’s available online at the Giorgio Parodi webpage, and retails for 48 Euros, or the equivalent of $54.24 USD. The book is 256 pages long, and will make for hours of insightful reading.

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