If you think that going around town on an adventure bike is pretty “adventurous,” just wait for the rest of Nick Sanders’ epic trip that was postponed due to some pretty earth-shaking world events.

Nick Sanders is one of the most extreme solo adventure riders in the world. Some of his exploits include circumnavigating the globe in 19 days and also reaching Tierra del Fuego from Alaska in less than 50 days. After getting stopped by the pandemic for a while, he finds himself on the road once again aboard his Yamaha Ténéré 700.

Since 2019, Sanders’ plan was put on hold due to world health concerns regarding the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic. With the new virus running rampant and governments around the world closing borders and restricting travel, Sanders had to put his travel plans on hold. It was in April of 2020 that the Welshman found himself in Australia just as the pandemic was about to enter its peak. Sanders was just in time to book a return flight back to his home country and wait out the effects of the pandemic.

COVID-19 would go on for another two years before things would start to get better, and finally, three years have passed since the virus was first discovered and everything is starting to get back to normal. With the world stabilizing, and with the easing of travel restrictions, Nick Sanders finds himself in Australia once again in order to pick up where he left off.

Sanders will carry out yet another solo trip around the world on his Yamaha picking up where he left off nearly two years ago. We highly suggest that you follow his journey on Instagram and on YouTube where he documents small snippets of his journey and details his trip through the use of video and images.

His next stop will be at the Red Center Track in Central Australia near Uluru. Once Sanders completes the Australian leg of his journey, his next step will be to ship the bike over to Asia then head to the Himalayas, then Saudi Arabia, then Jordan, then Israel, and finally Greece to then commence his journey back to his home in Wales.

If you want to see his antics and his epic around-the-world journey, drop him a like and follow on his Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel for updates.

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