Black Tea Motorcycles hails from Germany, and are in a rather niche part of the market. After launching its first few models back in 2020 with an initial lineup of mopeds in a scrambler style, the company is back once again to bring a new lineup of 125cc-equivalent electric bikes.

New for 2022, the Bonfire Electric Scrambler lineup will receive two more powerful variants, the E and the X. This means that the Bonfire S will be joined by the E and the X in the line and I don’t need to tell you what the letters spell out when joined together. Speculations indicate that an even more powerful Y variant is on the way—kidding.

Jokes aside, the X model is the German company’s most powerful model to date with it being able to produce up to 8 kilowatts of power and average figures equal to 6 kilowatts. Eight kilowatts is about 10 horsepower, but the motor produces a lot of torque, up to 195 Nm to be exact, with a top speed of up to 59 miles per hour. The range is estimated to be at 100 kilometers thanks to two removable 104V/35Ah batteries that charge up to 80 percent in just three hours.

Meanwhile, the E variant makes 3 kilowatts of power (4 horsepower) and up to 5 kilowatts at the motor’s top end, which is a similar figure to the S model. However, the E doesn’t limit the rider’s speed and power output. The highest attainable speed in this variant is 80 kilometers per hour, or 49 miles per.

The suspension from the S model is retained in the E and the X, with a 31mm hydraulic fork with up to 200 milimeters of travel. The wheels are 18-inches in diameter and are fitted with Hedenau Dual Sport K60 tires and stopping power is provided by CBS disc brakes for the front and the rear. These bikes are also light coming in at just 110 kilograms, or 242 pounds.

These bikes are now available for a rather affordable price tag. With the introduction of the E and X variants of the Bonfire, the lineup now tops out at €5,690 EUR, or about $6,200 USD.

  • Bonfire S: €3,990 EUR (about $4,350 USD)
  • Bonfire E: €4,390 EUR (about $4,800 USD)
  • Bonfire X: €5,690 EUR (about $6,200 USD)
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