If you live in Asia and Europe and hear the term "electric scooter", then chances the first thing that comes to your mind are cheap, bottom-dollar electric runabouts devoid of any styling soul and character. While around ten years ago this would have been the case, today, electric scooters have vastly improved. In fact, some of them even present themselves as lifestyle pieces with charming looks, premium features, and impressive performance. 

LVNENG, pronounced "Lu-Neng", is a brand you may have never heard of before. Unlike some other Chinese manufacturers, LVNENG actually puts some solid R&D into its products and ties up with industry-renowned companies. As such, it's no surprise that the company is expanding its footprint outside of China, particularly in other parts of Asia, as well as Europe. In France, the company has a total of six models to choose from, the latest of which being a retro-style scooter with some pretty impressive features. 

First off, its styling is surely akin to that of another popular scooter maker, Vespa, however, there are some noticeable difference. That said, it's clear that the LVNENG S6 wants to capture some of the market occupied by Vespa, especially those who find the Elettrica's price tag a tad too steep. The S6, on the other hand, is still a premium scooter and isn't cheap, but it undercuts the price of the electric Vespa by a decent margin at 5,649 Euros, that's $6,383 USD. What's even better is that folks in France can even get bonuses and rebates lowering the cost of ownership even further. 

 The LVNENG S6's retro styling is further complemented by a host of sophisticated features that are sure to be pleasing to the market. For instance, it gets a full-LED lighting system, a crisp digital instrument pod, a USB charging port, and even an immobilizer and keyless start. The finer details, such as the whitewall tires and brown top-stitched faux-leather saddle give it a classy touch, too. 

The LVNENG S6 Is A Charming Retro-Style Electric Scooter

Underneath the bodywork, the LVNENG S6 packs quite an impressive punch. We find an electric motor mounted onto the rear wheel. Sourced from Bosch, one of the leading companies in the world of heavy-duty electronics, the S6 produces a peak power of 4 kW, meaning it can pretty much handle all sorts of terrain. LVNENG claims that the S6 can confidently climb hills with up to 30 percent of gradient even with a passenger. Its top speed is set at 47 miles per hour, making it ideal for city commuting. Powering the electric motor is a set of two LG battery packs, promising a total range of up to 120 kilometers. 

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