Spanish gear maker Fuel Motorcycles frequently draws from the past. Whether it’s the Dakar-inspired Rally Raid Adventure collection or the retro Sidewaze Leather jacket, the brand pairs classic design with modern materials and protective armor. Fuel’s new Safari jacket takes cues from explorer coats worn during the 19th and 20th centuries.

While the Safari resembles a throwback jacket of yore, the brand constructs the durable yet comfortable outer shell with its 3CORE fabric, a combination of cotton, elastane, and abrasion-resistant Polyamide. Under that tough exterior, the vintage-styled top boasts armor at the shoulders, elbows, and back. The comprehensive coverage and Level 2 impact protection nab the Safari a Class AAA CE rating.

Gallery: Fuel Motorcycles Safari Jacket

The Fuel 3CORE material may be water-resistant, but the Safari also comes with a packable, waterproof rain jacket for when it really starts to come down. The Safari is just as practical without the outer layer as well, featuring two fully-closable, large waist pockets and two medium-sized pockets with snaps at the chest.

A waistbelt also separates the pocket sets, allowing the rider to tailor the fit to their dimension. The belt will also help to keep the jacket from riding up the user’s frame during intense off-road sections. Additional pockets at the back provide even more storage. The back pouches might not be easy to access but they perfectly suit emergency supplies or tools.

Of course, the Safari stays faithful to explorer jackets of the past but a form-fitting cut, a lapel pin, and a Fuel Motorcycles patch elevate the piece even further. Available in sizes S-XXL, the Safari comes in Black and Sand colorways. Retailing for €525 ($595 USD), the Fuel jacket is currently offered in Europe, but we’re hoping the adventurous Safari makes its way Stateside soon.

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