Ruroc just released the fourth generation of its flagship Atlas helmet. While the lid’s streamlined shell, closable vents, customizable cheek pads, and RHEON technology stole the spotlight, the brand still makes the helmet compatible with its Shockwave Bluetooth audio system. Despite Ruroc’s vested interest in Shockwave’s success, the firm just released the CHAIN app aimed at unifying rider communication units regardless of the manufacturer.

For those that have struggled to link a Sena with a Cardo or a Lexin with an Unclear, the CHAIN app will solve those proprietary problems with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. Apps like Discord, Skype, and WhatsApp already use the internet-based connection to help users connect. In CHAIN form, VOIP will help riders seamlessly connect comm units manufactured by different brands.


The technology also lifts the maximum group size limits imposed by many Bluetooth communicators. Riders simply join a CHAIN group once they receive the designated six-digit code. Thanks to VOIP, rider communication remains uninterrupted even when large vehicles, buildings, distance, or natural obstructions like hills or turns split up the group.

However, because VOIP relies on mobile data and internet access, the signal could drop if the group journeys into remote territory. For that reason, CHAIN will probably be a great solution for urban and suburban riders, but not so much for far-flung adventurers. Additionally, mobile coverage isn't inconsistent across various carriers, so sticking to the beaten path may be the best option.

As long as you don’t see yourself venturing into the most remote areas, CHAIN is a great solution for many riders. With an extensive range, universal compatibility, and unlimited group sizes, Ruroc’s app is a great solution for groups on the go. The CHAIN app is free to download on Apple’s App Store now and it will soon be available on the Google Play store.

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