Touratech, a German gear and equipment manufacturer, has unveiled its newest helmet, the Aventuro Rambler, an adventure helmet with a dash of extra practicality. The Aventuro Rambler is an excellent companion for any adventure. The Aventuro Rambler is ideal for all types of riding, whether it's a hard off-road tour, a daily commute to work, or a weekend excursion out of town.

This new adventure helmet is distinguished not only by its distinctive design, but also by features that ensure optimal safety and comfort. Of course, the Aventuro Rambler complies with all applicable international safety requirements and employs cutting-edge technology that has been validated in numerous testing. It has a fiberglass shell and a sun visor that can be folded down.

The Touratech Aventuro Rambler Wants To Be Your All-Around ADV Helmet

The inside cushioning consists of COOLMAX padding and is changeable and washable, ensuring maximum durability. Reflective bands on the underside, meanwhile, improve visibility in poor weather and at night. Using numerous foam padding strips, the Ergo Padding System allows the helmet to be optimally adjusted to the wearer's specific head shape, ensuring a safe, snug, and secure fit, even as the pads bed in.

The Aventuro Rambler has four adjustable air inlets and four adjustable air exits to keep you cool in hot weather. Optimized air passageways built of EPS foam amplify its effect. The off-road air inlet and the removable chin curtain boost air flow during off-road travel. A soft rubber border runs across the chin area, flared forward, and around the helmet to protect the sternum and collarbone.

A classic double-D ring closing is used on the Aventuro Rambler. The extra-long chin strap is more comfortable since it can be loosed to slide off your chin and out of your head rather than having to undo the double-D rings every time the helmet is removed. Without the use of any tools, the Aventuro Rambler can be converted from one version to another in about two minutes. The rider has the option of wearing goggles and removing the visor, or running it in a standard street setup with the visor in place. It costs 352.06 Euros, or about $398 USD with international shipping options available.

The Touratech Aventuro Rambler Wants To Be Your All-Around ADV Helmet
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