Sinnis is an up and coming motorcycle manufacturer based in the U.K. It’s best known for its stylish entry-level motorcycles targeted towards beginner riders with A1 licenses, and has developed quite a following in several European countries. Naturally, with young riders in the region barred from getting their dream bikes, they have no choice but to settle for small 125cc machines in the meantime.

The Sinnis GPX125 Is A Sharp, Beginner-Friendly Sportbike

Luckily, manufacturers like Sinnis make up for this by releasing machines with extremely striking and sporty aesthetics, while keeping performance compliant with local licensing rules and regulations. That said, brands like Sinnis also manage to keep costs at bay thanks to outsourcing manufacturing to countries in the Far East (yes, I’m talking about none other than China). Now, beginner riders in the U.K., as well as other parts of Europe will surely be interested in Sinnis’ newest offering, the GPX125.

Judging from the photos alone, if I had never seen this bike before, and had no idea what it actually was, it would be easy to believe that it was a powerful middleweight sportbike. However, underneath the bikes radical styling lies a very docile 125cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine pumping out around 13 horsepower. It’s a compromise, really, especially for kids looking to get started on a sporty machine. I mean, if you can’t hop on a powerful sportbike, at least get a slow bike that looks really fast, right?

The Sinnis GPX125 Is A Sharp, Beginner-Friendly Sportbike

That said, the GPX125 has more than just its looks to brag about. It comes with thoroughly premium components unlike what you'd expect from a 125cc bop about. It features full LED lighting all around, and even flaunts a digital instrument panel complete with a racing-style tachometer and speedometer layout. Clearly, the bike is set to lock horns with the KTM RC 125, a favorite among young sportbike enthusiasts in Europe. It undercuts the KTM’s price tag by a significant margin, too, at just £3,299, or the equivalent of $4,465 USD.

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