As the popularity of motorcycle has exploded in recent years, gear manufacturers have developed even more protective materials. In addition to Kevlar, modern riding jeans now tout abrasion-resistant fabrics like Dyneema, Cordura, and Aramid. For the new Copper Pro Tech Denim, Alpinestars uses the full range of materials at its disposal, resulting in riding jeans that are equal parts protective and comfortable.

Constructed with 14oz High-Density Fiber (HDF) stretch Cordura denim, the Copper Pro jeans deliver excellent abrasion resistance. While the Cordura provides more than enough protection in most crashes, Alpinestars reinforces high-impact areas with aramid lining. The combination of the Cordura outer shell and the aramid liner helps achieve an AA safety rating while remaining flexible in the saddle and off the bike.


The brand further enhances the Copper Tech denim with Nucleon Flex Plus knee armor and Bio-Flex protectors at the hips. The height-adjustable armor prioritizes comfort as well, while triple external seams and stitched rivets ensure the jeans hold up in a slide. Of course, the aramid interior lining increases protection, but it also amplifies rider comfort with its heat-resistant and breathable qualities.

Alpinestars also improve ergonomics with a pre-curved cut and extra material at the back of the rider’s hamstrings. Extra-long front pockets also accommodate the rider’s belongings, providing safe storage for personal devices.

At $239.95, the Copper Pro Tech Denim packs a lot of technology into an affordable pair of riding jeans. Alpinestars offers the pants in light blue, navy blue, and black colorways. The men’s U.S. sizes include 28-40. For years, motorcycle riding jeans have adopted more advanced materials in the name of protection and comfort, and the Alpinestars Copper Pro Tech jeans pack all those cutting-edge fabrics into a stylish and functional pair of riding pants.

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