Riding a motorcycle, particularly for long distances, can definitely take its toll on your butt and lower back. This can definitely be a hindrance for riders who rely on their machines for commuting on a daily basis, as well as those who cover long distances on trips out of town. Needless to say, a comfy saddle tends to go a really long way in keeping you nice and comfy for the road ahead.

While there are dozens of aftermarket seat manufacturers that produce comfort seat options for tourers and adventure bikes, options for middleweight naked bikes tend to be far and few in between. That being said, French startup Berry Sellerie, specializing in aftermarket motorcycle saddles, is looking to change the game with its new comfort saddles designed for middleweight naked bikes. At present, the company has aftermarket saddles for the Yamaha MT-07 and Kawasaki Z900. However, it’s expected to launch options for the new MT-09 and Kawasaki Z650 in January, 2022. The company is also looking forward to adding more bikes to the list in 2022.

Berry Sellerie Is Here To Transform Your Motorcycle’s Saddles

Regardless of the type of bike you ride, all of Berry Sellerie’s comfort saddle options feature a similar design consisting of a blend of high-density foam, Bultex foam, and a lightweight finishing foam. The entire assembly is sealed with a weatherproof film, and comes equipped with stainless steel mounting hooks guaranteed to fit on your motorcycle without any modification. All saddles come with limited warranty consisting of a 10-year guarantee on the PVC materials used for the upholstery, as well as a lifetime guarantee for the Bultex foam.

All of Berry Sellerie’s saddles are 100-percent custom and made-to-order units. Customers have the option of choosing the upholstery pattern, colors, as well as numerous technical details such as the height, density, and thickness of the saddle. The seats can even be fitted with an additional layer of Space 3D foam designed to further reduce vibrations at high speeds.

When it comes to pricing, Berry’s saddles aren’t cheap, but they promise uncompromising comfort and style, tailor fitted to your needs. For instance, a custom saddle for the Yamaha MT-07 starts at 390 Euros, or roughly $450 USD. This price can easily increase, depending on the additional features you opt for. Berry Sellerie claims a 10-day lead time upon receipt of an order for the production of a custom saddle.

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