If you’re looking at Euro 5-approved exhaust options for your shiny new Harley-Davidson Pan America, you may want to know about what HP Corse just cooked up. The SPS Carbon slip-on exhaust is available in two different flavors, each of which maintains the original heat shield. Both options change the look and sound of your bike, and also bring a nice weight reduction to the table, as well. 

For those who want to go for a blacked-out look, the HP Corse SPS Carbon Black is a stainless-steel slip-on exhaust that’s been treated with black ceramic to keep it nice and dark. Weight reduction over the stock unit is 0.9 kilograms, or nearly two pounds. Add the EP link pipe (sold separately) to the slip-on SPS Carbon Black can to get a 2.4kg (5.29 lb.) weight reduction. 

Meanwhile, the SPS Carbon Titanium option for your Pan America offers a beautiful silver titanium finish. Weight reduction here is also 0.9 kg (almost two pounds). Adding the EP link pipe (still sold separately) brings a 2.8kg weight reduction (6.17 lb.) over the stock Harley exhaust, according to HP Corse’s figures. 

Gallery: HP Corse Harley-Davidson Pan America SPS Carbon Exhaust

Both the SPS Carbon slip-ons are Euro 5-compliant, and also feature removable dB-killers, laser-engraved HP Corse logos, and designs that fit your original heat shield to keep installation simple. Both will fit the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special with no problem, per the manufacturer.  

Pricing on the SPS Carbon Black to fit your Pan America is €835.70 (about $945), including VAT. As you’d expect, pricing is slightly higher on the SPS Carbon Titanium, which comes in at €884.50 (about $1000), also including VAT. HP Corse advises interested parties to reach out directly to their company to inquire about availability. If you’re interested in the EP link pipe, the cost there is an additional €183 (about $207) including VAT.

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