The revived BSA Motorcycles held a special preview event ahead of Motorcycle Live 2021, which starts on December 4. The star of the event was the company’s first new motorcycle since its resurrection, which it’s been teasing ahead of its official public debut at Motorcycle Live in Birmingham—back where the original company started it all. 

In fact, the bike isn’t just any star; it’s a brand-new Gold Star 650 with a dual-overhead cam, single-cylinder engine. While the bike was proudly displayed at BSA’s special pre-launch event, further details aren’t available just yet. Classic Legends CEO Ashish Joshi confirmed that the new bike is, of course Euro 5 compliant, but that’s to be expected at this point. 

At the bike’s formal public debut during Motorcycle Live, more details and specifications for the new Gold Star are expected. In an interview with the Classic Motorcycle Channel, Joshi said the Gold Star 650 should roll out to dealers as a 2022 model, likely sometime in spring 2022. Pricing is another detail that hasn’t yet been announced, with Joshi only committing to say that it will be competitive. 

2022 BSA Gold Star 650 - Right Side

Where will the Gold Star be built? According to Classic Legends co-founder Anupam Thareja, it’s entirely a U.K. affair, from design to the build process. Joshi elaborated a bit in the interview video you can watch here, adding that the pandemic has made things more complicated than expected, but that BSA hopes to establish a production facility for these bikes in England very soon. Currently, Classic Legends parent company Mahindra is establishing its MADE Design Centre in the West Midlands

Of course, if things go according to BSA’s plans, the Gold Star 650 is just the beginning of the new, retro-style bikes it plans to produce. It’s not clear at this point if any of the BSA model names of yesteryear previously mentioned on its website are next in line, but it probably wouldn’t come as a surprise. 

According to Joshi, the plan is exactly what you’d expect: new BSA motorcycles will retain the design language of the classic bikes that enthusiasts know and love, while incorporating modern technology and emissions requirements. It’s a best-of-both-worlds scenario, and hopefully one that satisfies both new and old BSA fans alike. Where the planned BSA electric bikes fit into all of this also remains to be seen.

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