Riders of all kinds generally find some of their greatest joy in the saddle. It’s only natural, then, to want to get better at riding. That’s one reason that Dainese started offering its Expedition Masters tour series some years ago—to help participants get an uninterrupted week of quality seat time, both on- and off-road. These tour packages take care of every little detail, leaving riders‘ minds uncluttered so they can concentrate on enjoying and improving their skills. 

While it’s a fact that Dainese wants riders to buy its gear, the math here is pretty clear: Riders who improve their skills want to ride more, so they do. Then, they also do crazy things like buying more gear and/or bikes. Who doesn’t want to get better at doing something they love? 

The 2021 Dainese Expedition Masters event took riders to the beautiful island of Sardinia, to tour 1,300 kilometers (about 800 miles) of roads, over the course of seven days, all aboard a fleet of Ducati Multistrada V4 S bikes equipped with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR rubber. Leading this expedition were MotoGP racer Jack Miller, journalist Guido Meda, and Luna Rossa America’s Cup team director and skipper Max Sirena. 

Dainese’s Expedition Masters tour package also includes a full set of appropriate gear for the excursion from Dainese, AGV, and TCX, which riders received upon arrival in Olbia, Sardinia. While Dainese advises that riders should have both “an A license and good off-road experience,” the entire point of the tour is also the training and daily reinforcement of riding skills that can only come from doing a trip like this. 

In the video, riders with varying levels of experience talk about how the combination of the Multistrada V4 S and the training they received made each of them feel as though they’d significantly leveled up their riding skills. As we stare into the arms of yet another cold and icy winter, we have to say that riding in a place with all that natural and historic beauty looks better all the time. 

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