On-motorcycle training used to be hard to find, but these days you have no excuse not to engage in training on your motorcycle. None of us is an expert, and training always helps. Track days have traditionally been the best place to really open up your on-bike experience, but on-road training is becoming more prevalent and it will do us all good.

Enter the Dainese Experience. The manufacturer hosted some training and on-track time at the Misano circuit back in April. That event was such a success, Dainese will repeat it at the Franciacorta circuit, which is about 45 miles east of Milan, Italy, on June 29, 2019.

There will be a range of classes available: Safety 1 and 2, and Racing 1 and 2. Safety 1 is for people who have never ridden a motorcycle before. Safety 2 is for experienced riders who want to work on their on-road motorcycling technique. Racing classes are on-track training; 1 for folks with no track experience, and 2 for track-experienced folks looking to improve their lap times. The tough part is, for anything but the Safety 1 class, you’ll need to supply your own motorcycle. Good news, though: you can rent a bike in loads of places all over Italy! Imagine that experience: fly to Italy, rent a motorcycle, get some good track time and classroom sessions with Dainese folks, then hit the Alps for the rest of your time there. That would be one heck of a vacation.

If track time isn’t so much your bag, Dainese is also offering a guided tour of Iceland. Your expert guides will not only lead you along curated routes through the country, but they will also host instructional training camps, which are built into the tour, to teach you the off-roading techniques necessary to traverse the dirt roads and water crossings you’ll tackle.

The cost of the nine-day outing, while not insignificant, includes the R 1250 GS HP motorcycle rental, insurance, lodging, training, a photographer, and a complete Dainese outfit (jacket, pants, boots, gloves, helmet) designed specifically for this trip. I will note, though, that this specifically-designed outfit is only available in men’s sizes. Sorry, my fellow adventure-riding ladies; maybe you’ll be welcome on Dainese’s next trip?

See Dainese's website for all of the details and to book your adventure.

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Dainese Experience Presents: Riding Master Franciacorta and Expedition Iceland

COSTA MESA, Calif - May 30, 2019 - Following the success of the Riding Master at Misano Adriatico, Dainese now presents two more events in its Experience project. On June 29, the Franciacorta circuit will host the second chapter of the Dainese Riding Masters; in late July Dainese Expedition Masters will make its debut - a nine-day trip on- and off-road across Iceland.

Dainese Riding Master at Misano Adriatico, the first event of the Dainese Experience project, gave the fans the chance to ride in the legendary Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli with Valentino Rossi and VR46 Academy instructors.  Based on the successful event, Dainese now presents the second round of the Riding Masters.

On June 29, at the Franciacorta circuit, Dainese will again offer its experience to all riding enthusiasts and fans of the brand, repeating the same set up. Riding Master Franciacorta will be divided into classes based on participant's level, from novice to aspiring professional rider.

Safety classes 1 and 2 are available for those who want to approach motorcycle riding for the first time and learn basic techniques or increase their safety during the more delicate phases of road riding. Two Racing Classes are also being offered: Racing 1 is designed for those with no track experience and want to learn the fundamentals of track riding. Racing 2 is for those who want to improve their performance and control of the bike in extreme situations, such as hard braking and cornering at maximum lean angle.

Full details are available in the Experience section of the https://www.dainese.com/ website.

The Dainese Experience goes beyond the track with Expedition Masters, providing enthusiasts with an incredible opportunity to explore the untainted beauty of Iceland by motorcycle, July 27 to August 4. Starting in Reykjavik, the tour will explore the entire perimeter of the island, guiding participants through landscapes with active volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, and fjords. Expedition Masters provides ideal conditions for learning off-road riding techniques in total safety. Specific Training Camps will be held to show participants how best to handle paved and dirt roads in all weather conditions, with the support of a first-rate technical package.

The registration fee includes the rental of a BMW R 1250 GS HP motorbike, insurance, accommodation, a qualified guide, on- and off-road training sessions, and a professional photo/video service. The full kit provided for the trip includes a head-to-toe Explorer outfit: an AGV AX9 helmet, Antartica Gore-Tex jacket and pants, Universe gloves, and Centauri boots. 

The Dainese Experience is a program of exclusive activities for acquiring the skills and techniques riders need in order to face any motorcycle experience with confidence and awareness. It provides tools that allow riders to have fun and express their full potential, in total safety.

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