Are your lap times good enough to ride with the Doctor?

It’s true! You can donate to the Marco Simoncelli foundation and win a couple of track sessions with Valentino Rossi. Not only do you get to ride with him, but you can meet him, and he’ll give you an introductory theory lesson and some motorbike riding techniques before you hit the track. You even get to have lunch with the nine-time MotoGP champion!

But wait! You don’t even have to bring your own bike, because Dainese, the event sponsor, is supplying a Yamaha R1 motorcycle as well as a helmet and AGV and Dainese riding gear. This is all excellent news because the event is taking place in Santa Monica-Cella Italy, at the Misano World Circuit, which was recently renamed for Marco Simoncelli. Shipping a bike to Italy would be a bit of a fuss.

A few caveats apply, of course. It seems as though there will be four winners, so you’ll have to share your track time with three other winners. You’ll need to have track experience. The organizers require that you have a driving license and that your track time is 1:55 or lower (one must assume, on this very track), so experience riding the Misano track will be a plus. Travel to the track and lodging and accommodations once you’re in Italy, if you do not live there, are not provided, so you are on your own to fly there and find a place to stay. You cannot sell or otherwise transfer the prize.

You have just about a week to enter and donate as much money as you think will win the auction; the contest ends on the seventh of March. The current bid is just over $6,200 US which, considering all the money goes to charity, you might consider a bargain.

The Marco Simoncelli foundation “ supports and sponsors cooperation and solidarity projects that aid the less fortunate, even directly intervening, when necessary, in situations of need and difficulty,” which sounds like a spectacular cause to me. Lube up your check-writing hands, folks, and when you win, tell us all about it!

Source: CharityStars, Fondazione Marco Simoncelli

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