“Powersports will always be a part of my life.”

Chances are if you’re reading this, you understand the sentiment - the feeling of power beneath you, whether you’re on asphalt, dirt or you’re carving your own path where no road exists - and that sense of freedom that comes with it. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Adam Sandoval, who has become a widely recognized personality in the motorcycle community over the last decade, feels the way he does about being on two wheels.

Having made a name for himself through his popular YouTube channel that followed his years-long road trip across the country, charitable work and, hospitality as the owner of the KRiver Campground, Sandoval’s passion for powersports and its community runs deep, extending well beyond the spark he first felt as a kid when he got his mini-bike. “It’s a sense of camaraderie and friendship,” says Sandoval. “They’re always there to help one another when they need it and that’s what community is about in my eyes.”

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And as someone often approached at rallies, rides and, events across the US for a picture and a quick chat, what Adam loves most about being recognized are the stories. “My favorite part is when they start telling me their stories about how following my channel and traveling across the country has inspired them to take road trips they never thought they could do,” he states. It’s no wonder he’s done so much to foster that sense of community on his own, developing a space to create new memories at his campground in Oklahoma.

“I love seeing the people who take the long road trips,” Sandoval says of those flocking from all over the world to visit the 100-acre property. “To be part of that journey is special and it means something to me.” It’s why, over the years, as Adam’s own love has expanded beyond traditional street bikes to include dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and even overlanding, he continues to build out new trails around the campground, attracting riders of all interests and experience levels to come enjoy the beauty and freedom of the great outdoors.

“We’ve built a bunch of trail systems around the campground that our guests are able to use,” says Sandoval, who has campers bring everything from dirt bikes to side-by-sides to four wheelers and even a VW bug recently. “We’ve got waterholes where you can sink down your mud tires far past what they’ll reach, hill climbs, easy trail rides for the family to just enjoy some good company. We want to offer more opportunities to try different challenges.”

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Sandoval’s own transition from motorcycles to off-road has been steadily improving, kicked off by his first off-pavement cross country trip along the Trans America Trail Summer 2020. Since then, he’s not only gotten a new dirt bike, but he’s also begun to dabble in overlanding and recently purchased a new side-by-side for fun. “Driving the UTV is a different experience since you can bring more people with you,” he says. “I can bring my dog, my friends, my family… I get to see the looks on their faces as we’re traveling and experiencing nature together.”

And while it’s fun to go out and ride the trails around the campground or take one of the scenic roads into town, there’s also quite a bit of work involved in keeping up with the 31 engines Adam and his team continuously use around the property. “Things are under constant wear and stress, which is why it’s important to have preventative maintenance,” he says.

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“That’s one of the things I love about Techron,” Sandoval shares. “It’s taking care of the stuff inside my engine that I can’t see, and thankfully Techron makes a product for every one of my machines, from the tractor to the sawmill to the motorcycles to the side-by-sides to my personal truck. Every one of the engines here has to be running because they are all used for work, whether that’s equipment for the campground or motorcycles for me to film YouTube videos across the country, these machines have to perform, or we can’t do our job.”

So whether you’re riding for work or play, take a tip from the man who’s turned a passion for powersports into a livelihood, and treat your machines with Techron. To learn more about which Techron product is right for you, visit www.techronclean.com, and to watch Adam’s two and four wheel adventures, be sure to subscribe to Adam’s YouTube channel.

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