Whether you’re a bonafide adventurer or a daily commuter on a motorcycle, you must know of Givi and its stellar lineup of products. Come EICMA 2021, the brand is proud to announce a new lineup of products, with some more specialized than others.

Among the accessories showcased at EICMA, there are a few more peculiar items buried in the pile of more mainstream items. As usual, the brand is launching a new lineup of bags, some top boxes, soft panniers, and even some helmets. However, I didn’t expect to see a bottle holder or a jerry can holder that’s specifically meant for adventure-touring

EICMA 2021: Givi Bottle Holder
EICMA 2021: Givi Bottle Holder
EICMA 2021: Givi Bottle Holder

The bottle holder could hold more mass appeal. On top of a water bladder in your adventure pack, you might want to keep a reserve flask handy. Givi installed some grippy material on the inside to hold the bottle in place, as well as a locking mechanism that latches the bottle in place. Attach it on your motorcycle’s crash guards or on your top box and forget about it until you need it. Avid adventurers who might find themselves low on fluids should consider this, as dehydration is one of the deadlier things to ignore while on a motorcycle. 

EICMA 2021: Givi Bottle Holder
EICMA 2021: Givi Jerry Can Holder

Speaking of running low on fluids, Givi now sells a jerry can attachment for use on panniers as shown in the press photos. For security, you get a good-old double D ring and what appears to be a form-fitting jerry can. The can feature holds about two-thirds of a U.S. gallon, which translates to about 2.5 liters. That should be enough to get you out of a tight situation, and if you’re really serious about not running low on fuel, get two. 

EICMA 2021: Givi Bottle Holder
EICMA 2021: Givi Jerry Can Holder

No specific date on the availability of these products yet, however, Givi did mention in its EICMA press release that its unreleased products will be available in the Spring of 2022, just in time for the snow to thaw out.

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Considering the diverse targeted demographic, the Urban Line embodies a consciously sober look and neutral and classically trendy colours.

The Boulevard solution is a particularly interesting accessory: an elegant bag available in 13 or 17 LTR capacities that attaches to the sides of the bike. The bag has a practical box shape and a handy shoulder strap to carry the bag with you. 



Comprised of 4 models, this line is the halfway point between the urban and cycle tourism lines. With a modern look and technical details, eco-friendly TPE-coated materials, heat-sealing that guarantees impermeability, AIR VALVE TECHNOLOGY that optimises load capacity and excellent practicality of use, the “EXPERIENCE” bags are particularly versatile, suitable both for weekend amateur cyclists and for more experienced riders who make demanding trips lasting several days or weeks. 

Available in 2 colour variations (with another 4 to be released in Spring 2022), the 14 and 20 LTR Junter panniers are recognisable by their special watertight roll-up closure. There is also a shoulder strap, so you can carry the bag with you once you get off the saddle. 

RAPID, the “special” attachment system for the URBAN and EXPERIENCE models

A true ace up your sleeve. A technical element that is already making waves on the market. A system developed by the world's leading manufacturer of bags, cases and fixing systems for motorcycles. With RAPID, managing your stops and clipping your GIVI bags on and off the bike has never been easier. Easy to mount and use, this original system is able to support luggage with a maximum weight of 10 kg. 


ADVENTURE (available from Spring 2022)

The completion of the GIVI BIKE collection will hit the market in early Spring 2022. We expect its target market to be mountain bike and and gravel bike owners who love to travel light. The range consists of three technical models: a handlebar bag, a saddle bag and a frame bag. Used together, these represent the classic “bike-packing” trio. 

Heat-sealed and waterproof, the “ADVENTURE” bags can be combined with models from the EXPERIENCE range if you need to increase your bike’s load capacity.

Retail prices, information on how to buy and other details about the GIVI BIKE are on the official website: www.givi.bike.com



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