There’s no denying that motorcycle luggage options boil down to personal preference. Some riders prefer to ride free-bodied with all their luggage attached to the motorcycle. Other riders, on the other hand, prefer to wear backpacks or fanny packs. No matter what your taste in two-wheeled luggage solutions may be, GIVI more than likely has a product that will suit your fancy.

To add to the Italian gear and luggage manufacturer’s already impressive list of luggage items, GIVI has recently launched a new light-duty tank bag in the form of the ST 611. Ideal for naked bikes and sport-tourers, and equipped with a larger phone slot to accommodate the ever growing sizes of modern-day smartphones, the ST 611 serves as the replacement to the ST 602 B. It can now accommodate a smartphone up to 6.9 inches in size. For reference, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a screen size of 6.68 inches, and is one of the bigger phones currently available in the market.

GIVI Launches New And Improved ST 611 Tank Bag

Apart from the new and improved phone pocket, the GIVI ST 611 gets an ample six liters of storage and a semi-rigid polyester construction. This provides you with more than enough space to store your personal belongings such as your wallet, mobile power pack, sunglasses, and other stuff. Plus, you can leave the bag installed on your bike even without anything in it, and it’ll retain its shape perfectly fine. A strap can also be attached to the sides of the bag for use when you’re not on the bike, just like any other sling bag.

If you’re in the market for a tank bag, do take note of the ST 611’s dimensions as it may be quite a tight fit on some motorcycles, especially smaller, more compact naked street bikes. It has a 17-centimeter height, a 24-centimeter width, and a 29-centimeter depth, and is rated at a maximum load of two kilograms. It comes with an additional waterproof cover, and makes use of GIVI’s proprietary tank lock flange. The GIVI ST 611 is priced at 109 Euros, or the equivalent of $127 USD.

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