After years of anticipation, Bimota finally unveiled its production KB4 to the public at EICMA 2021. That part was expected, but not everyone expected the KB4 RC to come along for the ride. We’ve been getting tantalizing glimpses at the KB4 for some time now, from its Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX-derived 1,043cc inline-four powerplant to a general idea of its overall styling. Now the real thing is here, and so are the specs. 

One thing you may notice is billet; billet everywhere. The photos reveal extensive use of billet aluminum details throughout the bike. In fact, we’re quite certain that if you or a buddy happens to take one of these home, you’ll probably be discovering new details to appreciate about it for quite a while afterward. 

Bimota was also clearly thinking about lightness and compactness as well, which led to design choices like bringing the front wheel in just a bit closer to the frame. That, naturally, led to plenty of speculation about where Bimota would relocate the radiator, and whether it would end up tucked neatly under the tail. As it happens, that’s exactly the solution chosen—and there’s a cooling fan as well, for good measure. 

Gallery: Bimota KB4 and KB4 RC

Suspension is all Öhlins, all the time, with a 43mm FG R&T NIX 30 fork up front and a TTX 36 monoshock out back to play nicely with that beautiful billet swingarm. Braking consists of a dual Brembo Stylema caliper setup in front, with 320mm discs and a single 220mm disc in the rear.  

No curb weight is listed, but dry weight is given as 187 kilograms, or just a hair over 412 pounds. Seat height is 810mm (or 31.89 inches), plus or minus 8mm (about 0.3 inches). As others have remarked, that’s extremely approachable for a sportbike in this class. 


So, when can interested riders expect to be able to buy one? There’s an “Order Your KB4” button on Bimota’s website, where you can enter your name and address to receive more information. Since availability is currently listed on the company’s website as “April 2021,” it appears to either not be completely up-to-date, or else is a time-bending typo of the kind we can probably all relate to, having lived through the past two years.  

The real question here is not whether you want one; it’s which one do you want? Both the KB4 and KB4 RC are extremely easy on the eyes, so what’s your favorite flavor? 

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