Aprilia has long been proud of its racing accomplishments, and 2021 is most definitely no different. To celebrate its dominance of the 2021 MotoAmerica Twins Cup, Aprilia unveiled a new limited-edition RS 660 variant at EICMA 2021. After winning 10 out of 13 races in the series, wouldn’t you want to celebrate, too? 

The Aprilia RS 660 Limited Edition features a stars and stripes livery, inspired by the American flag. This scheme is also derived directly from the bike raced by Twins Cup champion Kaleb De Keyrel at Vallelunga during the final stage of the Aprilia RS 660 Trophy championship.  

Just 1500 of these limited-edition RS 660s will be made, each bearing a special tank badge that shows which production number each unit is along the line. The mechanical specifications stay the same as the standard RS 660, but you do get a few nice race-ready touches to go with that special stars and stripes livery. 

Gallery: Aprilia RS 660 Limited Edition - Stars and Stripes

While this limited-edition RS 660 does come with the standard passenger seat found on the regular RS 660, you get a single-seat tail cowl that sits atop the passenger seat to give it an extra sporty look. You also get an extended windscreen, to offer better wind protection whether you’re on the street or at the track.  

Perhaps most consequentially of all, you get a software upgrade that lets you switch your quickshifter from standard to inverted configuration as you see fit. For riders who like to ride their RS 660s to the track, and then ride home as well on public roads, it’s a simple matter to switch the quickshifter settings back and forth to best suit your current situation. 

Pricing and availability information for the Aprilia RS 660 Limited Edition with stars and stripes livery is not yet available, but will surely be forthcoming in the not-too-distant future.

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