Are you looking forward to seeing Aprilia RS 660s tearing up racetracks in anger near you? If so, Aprilia and MotoAmerica are proud to announce that the RS 660 just got approved to race in its Twins Cup championship for 2021. That’s sure to make the competition stand up and take notice, and also provide some extremely interesting racing for both competitors and spectators.  

“We are excited to have Aprilia race in our Twins Cup series with its new RS 660. Our tech department has worked hard with Aprilia to make this happen while ensuring that the Twins Cup class continues to have parity between the manufacturers,” MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey said in a statement. 

“We can’t wait to get to Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta and see how it all stacks up on the racetrack. This is going to be an exciting season in all our classes and the addition of the Aprilia in Twins Cup will be fun to watch,” he concluded. 

Gallery: Aprilia RS 660 joins MotoAmerica Twins Cup

“The RS 660 represents a new era of motorcycles for us at Aprilia. Today, we are very happy to offer the opportunity to American teams to race MotoAmerica’s Twins Cup with this incredible machine,”  Piaggio Group Americas president and CEO Mario Di Maria added. 

“The racetrack is and always will be the home of Aprilia, and the RS 660 reflects very well the origins of the brand, capable of winning 54 World Titles while building motorcycles for very passionate riders. We look forward to starting this new adventure, giving a unique opportunity to a new generation of racers and hopefully champions too.” 

The 2021 MotoAmerica calendar starts on the weekend of April 30 through May 2 at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, and currently has 9 events on the roster for the year. To see the full season schedule or find out more, check out MotoAmerica’s website

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