Designers often imagine flagship electric motorcycle models as luxury items. The form factor and features typically highlight performance and style over functionality and practicality. Ukranian designer Rostyslav Matiukhin has a different idea of the electric motorcycle though, and his M.One concept brings premium features down to the commuter class.

Going by Ros.M, Matiukhin designs the M.One with the urban rider in mind. With a 93-mile maximum range, the electric motorcycle concept lives up to the Zero SR/F’s highway mileage (at 55 mph). However, the 86-mph top speed sacrifices performance in the name of distance. At 385 pounds, the M.One weighs less than Zero’s SR but it’s still heavier than the Zero DS model. Ros.M’s $11,000 price tag undercuts the DS, though we’re skeptical if that MSRP would hold if the M.One actually went into production.


Matiukhin’s design does offer some novel ideas, however. The front fender-mounted headlamp maintains its light throw even under hard acceleration and braking. On the other hand, without the damping benefits of the suspension, the light quality could suffer over pothole-riddled urban roadways. Should the M.One take a tumble, Matiukhin cleverly added crash protection at the swingarm, tail, and handguards.

The adjustable console and windscreen combo also adapts to conditions. The lower setting maximizes visibility in the city while the higher option provides extra wind protection on the open road. The TFT display features Bluetooth connectivity and GPS while the 15-liter storage compartment accommodates the rider's most essential items.

Just like many electric models on the market, the Ros.M M.One concept offers Level 2 charging and a hub-mounted motor. Yes, electric motorcycle concepts are a dime a dozen, but the Matiukhin takes feasibility and practicality into account with his design. It’s by no means perfect but the M.One does present some interesting ideas for electric motorcycles.

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