Top Block has an impressive catalog of products ranging from aerodynamic accessories, crash protection, and universal locking systems that are applicable for use on a wide range of models. Its most notable products, however, come in the form of its dependable and robust motorcycle locks, which are sure to come in handy, as motorcycle theft is an ever-present threat. 

The Top Block Nexus range of disc locks has recently been launched by the French manufacturer. It offers easy-to-use protection, thanks to its robust construction and integrated alarm system. Thanks to its compact design, it looks just like any other conventional disc lock. However, while ordinary disc locks can easily be cut off with a bolt cutter or rotary tool, the Nexus has a trick up its sleeve—a 120 dB alarm that goes off when it detects sudden motion or vibration. This, naturally, will attract attention, and hopefully have the thief scurrying away long before they're able to cut through the rigid stainless steel lock.

Top Block Motorcycle Disc Lock With 120 dB Alarm

The Top Block Nexus is supplied as a complete kit with a removable lithium-ion battery to ensure maximum longevity, as well as a bright fluorescent yellow cord designed to make it visually stand out when fitted on your bike. The kit comes with an allen key to install install the battery, two keys, and a neat little carrying pouch for when you're not using the Nexus.

The lock's body is made out of a robust anti-corrision stainless steel body, and is waterproof all around to prevent damage to the electronics. The battery consists of a CR2-3V lithium-ion unit, and the locking mechanism is said to be resistant to drilling, sawing, and other forms of tampering. The neon yellow cord also doubles as an "anti-forgetting device", as starting the bike up, and kicking it into gear will not only trigger the alarm, but potentially damage your bike's front braking system. The Top Block Nexus retails for 96 Euros, or the equivalent of $111 USD, and includes a two year warranty. 

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