Motorcyclists may know just how hard it is to leave your bike exposed in a public setting, especially in a rather unfamiliar and unguarded area. A thief could wheel away a bike without an issue and possibly even load it onto a truck, never to be seen again. That’s why most bikes come with a built-in handlebar lock, but you can never be too safe nowadays. 

You’ve probably heard of Shad and their line of motorcycle top boxes, luggage, and other accessories. The company has recently invested a lot of money into a CLM, a company that specializes in the manufacture of locks. Together, the two firms collaborated to create a new line of products called ShadLocks. 


The very first innovative product line to come out of the venture is a handlebar lock. It works by attaching a 5 millimeter jacketed galvanized steel cable to the handlebar of your motorcycle. The pack will contain a lock along with a cable and the attachment point for your motorcycle. There are two series of locks available, from the more water-resistant option being series three. The Series 2lock should still be reasonably water-resistant, but Series 3 offers that extra level of security.

Shad touts that its locks are made out of a 2-millimeter ball joint that covers a 5 millimeter-thick galvanized steel cable. The lock is rated for up to about 1,300 pounds (600 kilograms) of force, and its lock and key have over 10,000 combinations, deterring lock pickers by a good margin. The locking mechanism has also been tested for up to 30,000 operation cycles, so it should last you quite a while before it needs a service or a replacement. 


Depending on your motorcycle, you might want to check out the lock first to see if it will fit. Shad offers a bunch of different lengths that can accommodate a wide variety of bikes. As of now, there are up to five referenced brands which include models from Honda, Kymco, Piaggio, SYM, and Yamaha. Three sizes are available, namely, 3, 5, and 7. Given how long the cable can be, you can also thread the cable through your helmet as an added bonus. 

Snag yourself one of these locks for about $36 USD (€31.50 EUR)  for the shortest cable length with a Series 2 lock. From there, the price goes up depending on the length and the lock series. The most expensive in the lineup will set you back at about $57 USD (€50 EUR). 

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