When disaster strikes, you want to be prepared for it. Having an emergency plan is a good start. You can also get medical training, stock up on shelf-stable food, practice useful skills, and get to know your neighbors. A way to get into disaster-affected areas to help others is also incredibly useful. That’s exactly why Yamaha developed the Rough Road Tricity Concept. 

Based on Yamaha’s existing leaning multi-wheel Tricity scooter, the Rough Road Tricity Concept is essentially a more off-road capable Tricity scooter that Yamaha brought to Riscon Tokyo 2021, a convention dedicated to emergency preparedness. With flooding, mudslides, and tsunamis regularly posing a threat to the country, it’s no wonder getting ready is paramount in many peoples’ minds. 

What’s involved? Besides the very emergency-oriented bright orange paint scheme, the Rough Road Tricity features a number of upgrades to make it more robust. Although Yamaha hasn’t explicitly marketed the Tricity as an adventure leaning multi-wheeler, the way that LMW technology works makes it seem probably that, with proper tires, it could handle light trail duty reasonably well.  

Yamaha also installed various additional equipment to up the ruggedness on this Tricity Concept. That includes a skid plate, headlight guard, hand guards, big metal luggage racks for hard side cases as well as a rack and top box. There are also metal guards around the side fairings to help guard against, well, anything you might encounter.  

While it’s certainly not going to offer the same capabilities as a big adventure bike with tons of suspension travel, Yamaha’s leaning multi-wheel Tricity is a scooter, which means that it’s easier for a wider range of people to ride. In emergency situations, when response time is of the essence, having an easily accessible vehicle that can go a lot of places that a car can’t seems like it could be pretty useful. 

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