The Yamaha NMAX is one of Team Blue's best-selling small-displacement scooters in Europe and Asia. In the market since 2017, the NMAX has seen a number of revisions, but has remained more or less identical to its original formula. This urban runabout basically takes the recipe to Yamaha's bigger maxi-scoots—the XMAX and TMAX, and optimizes it for urban mobility at an affordable price point. 

For the 2022 model-year, Yamaha has bestowed a few key refinements on the NMAX, making it even better than before. Priced at 3,499 Euros, or the equivalent of $4,080 USD, it continues to boast impressive value for money, particularly in Europe's dense urban cities. The revised NMAX 155 basically carries over all the styling updates of the recently updated NMAX 125 in the region. As such, it gets new LED lighting, more sporty bodywork, and slightly revised ergonomics. The seating position has been extended slightly to account for taller riders, while the bars now sit higher, providing a more comfortable and relaxed riding position.

2021 Yamaha NMAX - Left Side Rear Riding City

Yamaha has also increased the fuel capacity for the 2022 NMAX, fitting it with a larger 7.1 liter fuel tank. As such, Yamaha now claims a range of around 300 kilometers, provided, of course, that you go easy on the throttle. It continues to draw power from the liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 155cc, single-cylinder motor we find in Yamaha's premium Asian lineup consisting of the YZF-R15, MT-15, and XSR155. This engine gets Blue Core technology optimized for Euro 5 compliance, as well as Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) which tweaks valve timing for efficiency down low, and performance up top. The NMAX claims an output of 15 horsepower. 

As far as techie features are concerned, the 2022 NMAX 155 comes fully equipped with a new Communication Control Unit (CCU) which enables you to pair your shiny new scooter to your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. It integrates to your phone via Yamaha's My Ride mobile application, which allows you to view vital information such as service and maintenance schedules, battery health, and navigation and trip data. Last but not least, a 12V power socket and ample under-seat storage offer just a tad more practicality on long days on the saddle. 

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