On October 28, 2021, BMW unveiled its long-awaited updates to the entire K 1600 touring lineup. The new K 1600 GT, GTL, B, and Grand America are all here to whisk you (and maybe a companion) untold miles away. Whether you like weekend cruising or epic touring (or both), the newly Euro 5-compliant K 1600 lineup is here to help. 

The 1,649cc inline six-cylinder engine outputs a claimed 160 horsepower at 6,750 rpm, which is a full 1,000 rpm lower than the outgoing version. Torque is 132.7 pound-feet at 5,250 rpm, which represents a modest boost. Engine drag torque control now comes standard across the entire K 1600 line.  

Other key features include BMW’s Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” [sic] electronic suspension, which BMW says offers “fully automatic load compensation as standard.” All the K 1600s also get a full LED adaptive headlight, a 10.25-inch full-color TFT multifunctional display with connectivity, a new smartphone charging cubby outfitted with USB-C charging option, and four rider’s choice favorite buttons you can program to your heart’s content.  

Gallery: 2022 BMW K 1600 Lineup

There are, quite naturally, some nice options to choose from as well. BMW’s audio system 2.0 is one such item, and you can also have an Intelligent eCall emergency call system installed for added peace of mind. BMW Motorrad also offers a full range of accessories for all the K 1600s as well, as you’d expect. 

Each of the K 1600 variants comes in a single basic color, style variant, and one with the Option 719 special paint, as well. The K 1600 B and K 1600 Grand Americas can both receive Option 719 “Midnight” paintwork, which consists of a Meteoric Dust II metallic scheme with a special water transfer printed “Galaxy” theme applied over the top. 

Here are all the color options, broken down by individual K 1600 model: 

  • K 1600 GT: Black Storm Metallic, Style Sport (BMW tricolor), or Option 719 Mineral white metallic with stripes 
  • K 1600 GTL: Black Storm Metallic, Style Exclusive (Gravity Blue metallic), or Option 719 Mineral white metallic with stripes 
  • K 1600 B: Black Storm Metallic, Style Exclusive (Manhattan Metallic Matte, a sort of matte bronze color), or Option 719 Midnight 
  • K 1600 Grand America: Black Storm Metallic, Style Exclusive (Manhattan Metallic Matte), or Option 719 Midnight 

Pricing and availability will vary by region, so it’s best to check with your local BMW dealer in your area for the most current information. In the U.S., the new K 1600 GT starts at $23,895. Up at the top of the range, the K 1600 Grand America starts at $27,745.

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