When BMW launched the R 18 in 2020, everyone knew it was gunning for a piece of Harley-Davidson's pie. Of course, cruiser culture is also custom culture, and Beemer followed up with a slew of accessories along with a component collaboration with Roland Sands Design.

Now, the Bavarian cruiser will earn a whole new set of premium accessories with the introduction of the Option 719 line. As BMW Motorrad’s internal code for exclusive, high-quality equipment, “719” already carries significance within the company and the premium parts seek to uphold those standards for customers.

Gallery: BMW R 18: Option 719 Accessories

Starting with the Option 719 Design Package AERO, BMW outfits the 1,800cc with aluminum cylinder head covers, front cover, and intake snorkel covers. The wrought air vents on the valve covers call back to the streamliners of the early 20th century while the Option 719-branded chrome-plated copper badging aligns with the era.

The AERO family also includes a six-spoke cast allow wheelset in matte silver while the ICON variant of the wheels will feature a matte black finish. Continuing the styling, a special Option 719 seat features diamond-stitching, but also offers integrated seat heating for those chilly Sunday mornings.

Capping off the Option 719 range, the Galaxy Dust and Titanium Silver 2 two-tone paint finish is a throwback to BMW R 90 S of the 1970s. The iridescent base delivers purple, blue, and green hues at different angles, and the Titanium Silver 2 mirror finish on the tank and rear fender is just as eye-catching. BMW hasn’t released pricing for the new accessory line just yet, but R 18 owners can get their hands on the premium parts by September, 2021.

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