On October 17, 2021, the Bologna Industrial Heritage Museum opened a new exhibit that Italian motorcycle fans will want to see. The title translates to “Bolognese motorcycles from 1950 to 1960: The Motorcycle Meets the Car,” and there’s plenty to see for motorcycle fans. 

A total of 32 different post-war Italian motorcycles are on display, including seven historic Ducati models, and each one a work of art. Now, you could of course see plenty of Ducati motorcycle history at the Ducati Museum if you want. In fact, the BIHM even currently has a reciprocal agreement in place with the Ducati Museum, so you can easily visit both and make a day of it if you want. 

The really cool thing about this BIHM exhibit is that visitors have the opportunity to see not only Ducati bikes, but also several other Bolognese motorcycles from the era. It’s also not only that; you’ll get to see all those bikes in their greater historical context, along with Italian automobiles of the time as they became more accessible to and desired by the general public. If you’re a total history nerd, and you love vehicular history of any kind, this is pretty much your catnip right here. 


Of course, there’s more on display than just vehicles. Films from the nearby Istituto Luce, as well as period images of various kinds to really give you a flavor of the time period. The BIHM also has an Android and iOS app available that will have additional information to enhance your visiting experience, if you have such a device on hand.  

This particular exhibition runs from October 17, 2021 through May 15, 2022, so if you’re currently in the planning stages of a visit to the Bologna area, you have plenty of time to pencil in an extra stop. The exhibition does not require an additional fee beyond the regular Museum entrance fee applicable to your circumstance (adult/child/senior/etc.)  

As you’d expect, the Museum currently has strict COVID-19 mitigation procedures in place, including mask-wearing, limited occupancy requirements, and time constraints on how long you can visit the museum so that others may also have the chance to safely visit. Additionally, visitors must display the COVID Green Pass at the ticket counter when checking in for their visit. You can find full information to plan your visit here

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