One of the many things which the global pandemic has taken away from us is the ability to safely enjoy and exhibits. Before the imposition of lockdowns and travel restrictions all across the globe, we could simply waltz into the nearest museum, take in all the sights and sounds, and come out with a whole new breadth of knowledge about the wonderful world around us.

Our passion of motorcycling undoubtedly carries with it a long and colorful history. The thousands of museums scattered all across the world dedicated solely to showcasing this history is a strong testament to that. That said, with the pandemic in some parts of the world beginning to ease up thanks to increasing vaccinations and continued practice of health and safety protocols, it would appear that we could soon visit the many motorcycle museums we so dearly love. In fact, the Ducati Museum in Bologna, Italy, has announced that it will be reopening its doors starting the 21st of May. 

Ducati Museum Reopens Its Doors Starting 21st May

Open for guests and visitors every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Ducati Museum will once again make public its various exhibits showcasing the rich history of the brand as a whole, as well as its evolution and success in motorsports. In the months during the strict lockdown period wherein the museum remained closed, it extended various guided digital tours for its patriots to avail of. This time around, apart from being open to accepting guests, the museum will continue offering its guided digital tours via its online platform, as well. 

Starting May 22, the Ducati Museum will begin offering a special online exhibit dubbed the 'Ducati Factory Online Journey.' The exhibit will showcase a live guided tour of certain parts of Ducati's assembly line, which remain closed to public viewing due to the lingering threat of the virus. For those of you who are interested in booking a visit to the Ducati Museum, or availing of the online guided tours, be sure to visit its online platform linked below for more information. 

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