Have you ever found yourself low on fuel in the middle of an adventure, miles away from the nearest gas station? The anxiety and fear of being stranded alone is certainly one that a lot of seasoned adventurers are well acquainted with. After all, planning fuel stops can be rather challenging, especially if you’re venturing into uncharted territory.

Having said that, there are a good number of motorcycle-specific fuel containers available in the market. However, they tend to be rigid, and take up a lot of space. Giant Loop may have a solution for us adventurers who like to pack light in the form of its Armadillo liquid power reserve. Now, before I get ahead of myself and call this a gasoline container, Giant Loop does not explicitly state that the Armadillo is meant for carrying fuel. However, it does state that it’s capable of carrying a whole host of automotive and power sports fluids ranging from oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and yes, diesel and gasoline.

Giant Loop's Liquid Power Reserves Could Certainly Come In Handy

I think Giant Loop is doing this in order to get past a loophole in certain areas, wherein transpiring gasoline must be done in specific, approved containment vessels. In fact, Giant Loop explicitly states that Armadillo bags are not intended for fuel storage in the U.S. In other parts of the world, however, you may be able to use these bags as slim, lightweight jerrycans that can be folded up and stored in your backpack once you’ve finished refueling. Giant Loop’s Armadillo liquid power reserve is available in four sizes—with one, two, three, and five gallon capacities.

It’s clear that Giant Loop’s Armadillo bags are a lot more than just rubber, liquid-proof bags that roll up when not in use. They’re made with a two-layer construction complete with an RF-welded inner bladder. The bag’s outer sleeve is made out of abrasion and puncture resistant Cordura fibers, and even has a MOLLE-style webbing for easy attachment to luggage racks. If you do intend to use the bag as a fuel reservoir, it comes equipped with a large handle, making it easy to prop the bag up while loading up fuel. Its screw-on type lid makes it easy to use with various funnels, too.

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