I know it isn’t news to anyone at this point, but I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling to come to terms with the fact that Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP racing days are rapidly coming to an end. On October 24, 2021, Vale hit the circuit wearing a rather special helmet. He’s been known for one-off special edition AGV helmets, however, this time around, it just feels so different.

For the GP of Emilia-Romagna in Misano, The Doctor sported a helmet dedicated to his fans—the people behind the success of the MotoGP’s most iconic racer. Designed by none other than Aldo Drudi, Rossi’s farewell helmet was adorned with a colorful depiction of his fans. At the helmet’s rear, a caricature of the MotoGP grandstands can be seen, with fans in the images of a dog, cat, and other furry animals holding up fan signs and placards with the words “Forza Vale!” and the iconic “46” numbering figuring prominently.


The colorful motif continues its way to the top of and front of the helmet, as Rossi’s signature yellow color meets front and center with a black stripe complete with the Monster Energy logo in the middle. In an Instagram post, The Doctor shared some behind the scenes footage of the making of this one-off helmet. Rossi is clearly dedicating this helmet to all his fans who have supported him throughout his illustrious career.

Out of all the special liveries Valentino Rossi used throughout his career, this is certainly one of the most special ones out there. Apart, of course, from this being his very last MotoGP race helmet, it’s undoubtedly a fitting tribute to what is by far the most important aspect of MotoGP—the fans. I’m certain that, in due time, AGV will release official replicas of Rossi’s farewell helmet livery across its model range, particularly its race-spec Pista GP RR lid.

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