If I were to ask you who you consider as the most legendary motorcycle racer of the modern era, I'm almost certain that Valentino Rossi would be at the top, or if not, very close to the top of your list. Indeed, The Doctor has inspired countless of individuals all over the world—on and off the race track—not just to become better motorcyclists, but to become better people all together.


Watching Rossi's career unfold for more than two decades is truly an inspiring story. With no other racer, or let alone, athlete in the world of sports remaining as competitive for so long as Rossi, one can't help but wonder what Rossi's secret is. Clearly, in recent season, we've seen The Doctor's performance gradually decline, or rather, become overtaken by the young and aggressive talents that are emerging in the racing series. Rossi, at one point, mentioned how hard it was to keep up with riders who are literally half his age.

Valentino Rossi announces retirement

Despite the fact that Rossi had not won a race since 2017, his fans and followers continued to grow, even to this day. It's easy to spot the Rossi fanatics in the crowd, with their flags and distinct Vale Yellow attire. Because of this, it's clear to see that winning isn't everything. As it would turn out, Rossi has managed to continue what he does thanks to his mindset. In the interview video posted by the MotoGP, Rossi states that, ever since a young age, he never took sports and life in general too seriously. He just gave his best and made sure he was enjoying himself in the process. 

A montage of unforgettable Rossi moments throughout the years is shown in the video. The most memorable of which, in my opinion, would have to be when The Doctor passed Ducati racer Casey Stoner off-track at the Cork Screw at Laguna Seca. With 199 podiums under his belt, the Italian came so close to scoring another podium in the rain-soaked Austrian GP. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. In closing, Rossi stated that his dream prior to hanging up his leathers at the end of the season would be to score just one more podium. I know that I, as well as countless other MotoGP fans, are hoping for the same thing. 

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